Only after a life threatening injury did i choose to race bicycles.

In the summer of 2012 on any normal day I headed out on the American River Bike Trail in pursuit of earning my dinner and enjoying life on a bicycle. Soon after a nice warm up I had a collision with another cyclist (aka bum on a bike) and fell to the ground and broke my neck. Yes my neck! I was "disabled" for a year and have a permanent arm restriction. Life as you might see looks normal but there is a lot of mental and physical fight that has led me here. Previously riding bikes for 3 years to that point, before even the thought of racing. None the less love for cycling has preceded my pursuit to "cat 1 status" and still to this day pushing my limits.

My name is Darin Morgan, I'm a single, #plantbased athlete, and animal lover. I love adventure, outdoors and have a true connection to the earth, and a rooted pieces. A father to a tux cat named "Tux"He is 6 years old and my best friend, most the time, lol. Cool story how we met tho! I randomly one day went to the local S.P.C.A. animal shelterwith my friend Autum while living in Sacramento. We were looking at the dogs there, behind the cages, looking so sad and lonely and soon realized I didn't like it there and just felt bad for all of them and had the urge to immediately leave. We then went to look at the cats but couldn't get in the door because it was locked. So we just walked out the front door, but as we were leaving I had this thought . "We have to be able to get in there and see the cats right..." and so we walked right back in, asked if we could see the cats. Turns out we were just at the wrong door the first time, and we got in. Yet that same feeling struck again. Walking past all the tiny cages of stacked, sad kittens, and even adult cats we were ready to be gone for good. That is until I came across this little guy sticking his paw out further than any of the others. It was literally the last cage, at the bottom, very last cat at the end of the hallway.  I was immediately impressed with his energy and gravitated toward him. After 20 minutes hanging out we had totally connected and it felt he was already family. And so I took him home and we have been getting into all kinds of trouble ever since.

When I first started bike racing I had no car, nor many friends that raced. So I took the train when possible, amtrak to get further, and even rode to local race events so I could get my number for another race. After some time I ended up borrowing a co workers van to get to even further events. This went on for 2 years, borrowing the van, riding as much as possible, living the bike racer life addicted and never looking back. It was on the 3rd year that I got my cat1 upgrade, finally had my own car, and then got a coach and a power meter. I have always taken the path less traveled, did things my own way. But I then realized I wanted to keep progressing, make new friends and continue living my dream.  After all its all fun and games till you aren't excelling anymore.

Up until "cat 1 life" I was a stage racer with a knack for time trials. I had borrowed TT bikes for races, learned how to push limits on and off the bike and thus learned the ins and outs of nutrition, and training and made every sacrifices possible to get here. Since then its been a hard rode of riding as a domestique and in search of a higher fitness to obtain a leadership role with the right team. I currently ride for Dolce Vita SL2 a team based out of the bay area. A solid group ofdudes that have like minded goals.

One of my goals this year was to get some NRC experience and I have also obtained my UCI liscense for this years Cascade Classic uci 2.2 race. To help others reach their goals and use my strengths to achieve success. My strengths are in break-aways an helping the goal of the team for any given race.

2017 Calendar

-Valley of the sun

-Chico stage race

-Snelling RR

-Copperopolis RR

-Tour of Gila

-Cats-Hill Crit

-Wente Vineyards RR

-Pescadero RR

-Berkeley Hills RR

-Cascade Classic Stage Race

-San Rafael Twilight Crit

-Patterson Pass RR

--Dunnigan Hills RR

-University RR

-Winters RR

-Vacaville GP

-Giro di SF

-Oakland GP